Development Services provides the following:

  • Coordinate the development review process concerning new residential and commercial development.
  • Pre-development review process-meeting with owners/developers to review their proposed ideas for development and providing advice on how their development will interface with the current development and the City’s stated goals, objectives, and regulations.
  • Plat and plan review coordination with other staff to ensure that the proposed platting request and building plans are in compliance with the City ordinances, building regulations, and state and federal minimum standards.
  • Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance administration and enforcement.
  • Administrative support for the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of adjustments, City Manager and Director of Public Works.
  • Assist with Floodplain Administration and development review.
  • Provide 911 addressing for properties and structures within the City.
  • Building Inspections (Residential / Commercial)
  • Capital Project Construction Inspections
  • Permit and Inspection Administration

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